Government of Québec/ Gouvernement du Québec

Premier of Quebec:


Members of the National Assembly (MNAs):

Point to  "Members"  on the main menu page (to your left of the Parliament Building) in order to open the sub-menu, then click on "MNA Information"  to get an alphabetical listing of ALL MNAs.

Click on their name to go directly to whoever you are looking for, or scroll down the page to see the list of ALL MNAs including their address(es), telephone and fax number(s).

Once you are at the MNA of your choice, click on his/ her name to view a short Biography about them.

Liste des partis politiques Provincial autorisés:

Action démocratique du Québec/Équipe Mario Dumont

 Bloc pot

 Parti communiste du Québec

 Parti conscience universelle

 Parti démocratie chrétienne du Québec

 Parti égalité/Equality Party
Equality Party Website  no longer working as of 23 June 2006

 Parti libéral du Québec/Quebec Liberal Party

 Parti marxiste-léniniste du Québec

 Parti québécois

Parti unitaire du Québec
Chef: Louis-Marie Thiffault
Adresse du parti: 1735, rue Paul-Sauvé
Trois-Rivières (Québec)
G8Y 2C2

 Parti vert du Québec/Green Party of Québec

 Québec solidaire

Le Directeur général des élections du Québec:

A brief History of Parliament in Québec


One  (1) Lieutenant-Governor

Twenty-four (24) Legislative Councillors appointed for LIFE ! (The Quebec equivalent of The Senate of Canada. ABOLISHED in 1968.)





Sixty-five (65) Members of the Legislative Assembly elected by popular suffrage (voting). These elected members came to be known as MNAs (Members of the National Assembly) in 1968. Since Confederation this bureaucracy has grown to 125 (One Hundred Twenty-Five)  MNAs !!!  


One (1) Lieutentant-Governor

No Senate (Abolished in 1968). Various Committees are now temporarily established to study different topics. The Quebec Senate ("Upper Chamber" or "Legislative Council") was bought out by paying these lifetime members their promised salary for life, and then downsizing (actually RIGHTSIZING) their services.


One-Hundred Twenty-Five (125) MNAs !!! (should be RIGHTSIZED to 125/3 = 42 MNAs)



The British North America Act  (BNA Act)  came into force July 1, 1867, creating the Federation of "Canada". At this time (Confederation in 1867) The  Parliament of Quebec consisted of  One (1) Lieutenant Governor, Twenty-Four (24) Legislative Councillors appointed for LIFE (the Quebec equivalent of The Senate of Canada), and Sixty-Five (65) Members of the Legislative Assembly elected by popular suffrage (voting).

The latter 65 (Sixty-Five) elected Members of the Legislative Assembly came to be known as Members of the National Assembly (MNAs) in 1968, and this bureaucracy has GROWN steadily since Confedeation in 1867 to now contain the EXCESSIVE amount of 125 (One-Hundred Twenty-Five) MNAs, (Members of the National Assembly) !!!  This in an age where parliamentarians no longer travel by horse, and therefore no longer require days, or even weeks to reach their constituents from Parliament.

In the modern world, where telephones... computers... trains... planes... automobiles... and the modern media can INSTANTANEOUSLY transmit information, we need less government to do an even better job, not more !

We need to downsize  (actually  RIGHTSIZE !)  the National Assembly by amalgamating every three (3) Provincial Ridings into one (1) riding. This "Rationalization of Resources"  through riding "consolidation" would help eliminate waste, duplication, and excess costs by  reducing the number of Members of the National Assembly (MNAs) from an EXCESSIVE 125  (One-Hundred Twenty-Five !) members presently, to the optimally RIGHTSIZED number of 42  (forty-two) MNAs / seats in the National Assembly of Quebec.  (Savings to the Quebec Taxpayer :  approximately ONE (1) BILLION Dollars !)


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