Certification for Governments

GoHAPPINESS  Certification  for  RAH  (ResponsibleAccountable, Honest)  Governments:

1. RESPONSIBILITY: The RAH (ResponsibleAccountableHonestGovernment must  promise to treat its citizens like  HUMAN BEINGS rather than chattel to be milked, or as is too often the case today: bled until dry.

SOLUTION:  The RAH (ResponsibleAccountableHonestGovernment must Constitutionally  Limit  itself to "Taxing" its citizens NO MORE  than 20% of their Gross Income.  Corporations / Businesses  must  not  be "Taxed" more than 20% of their profits. RESPONSIBILITY (of the Government) is ensured by limiting their capacity to extort limitless amounts of money from its citizenry (chattel) as is often the case today... and then we read about "foreign bank accounts" stuffed with cash that was siphened off.

2. ACCOUNTABILITY: Elected and Appointed Government Officials will be held ACCOUNTABLE for all money / budgets they are entrusted with. Any "missing" money or unaccountable "expenses" will be deducted from the salary of the RESPONSIBLE Government Official's salary.

3. HONESTY: To ensure that the RAH (ResponsibleAccountableHonestGovernment remains HONEST, all Elected and Appointed Government Officials will be subject to the Three (3) Strikes Rule for RAH (Responsible, Accountable, Honest) Governments:

  1. Any Elected / Appointed Government Official caught in a flagrant lie pertaining to "false election promises" or the direct execution of their job, will be fined ONE YEAR'S SALARY for the first lie,
  2. TWO YEAR'S SALARY for the second lie, and
  3. THREE YEAR'S SALARY for the third lie at which time the thrice lying Government Official will be immediately IMPEACHED and Fired.

See also:  The 7 HABITS of Highly Effective People   by Stephen Covey.

Consider  espousing




rather than promoting the politics of hatredsuppressionoppression and  repression  for everyone except the inner circle of select "elite" who are exempt from the same "laws" that apply to everyone else.

Send Certification Requests to:


Rick Blatter  B.Ed., M.Sc.

C.P. 1553
Succ. St-Martin Stn.
Laval, QC H7V 3P8


(514) 953-9599

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Gross National Happiness (GNH):

In 1972 the King of the tiny country of Bhutan decided to measure Gross National HAPPINESS (GNH) rather than Gross National Product (GNP) or Gross Domestic Product (GDP) as an indicator of "success" in his country.

FORTY (40) YEARS LATER, as of 2012, the UN started measuring Gross National Happiness (GNH) as one of the indicators of QUALITY OF LIFE in ALL Countries throughout the world. 

HAPPINESS, or lack thereof, has become an important metric of evaluation & comparison amongst the different nations around the globe. This is especially important considering:

Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide,
and is a major contributor to the overall global burden of

GNH (Gross National Happiness):

Watch "The Story of Drew Binsky" on YouTube (~1 min):

HAPPINESS to counter Anxiety, Anger, Aggression, Addictions, Bullying... Crime, Violence, Suicide...
Homicide, Terrorism and War(s)?

GNH (Gross National Happiness):

Bhutan: watch "The World's Happiest Country" (Gross National Happiness) on YouTube (~3 mins):

(Curiously the UN lists it #95 in the world?)

UN, These are the 10 Happiest Countries in the World (2019):

1. Finland
2. Denmark
3. Norway
4. Iceland
5. Netherlands
6. Switzerland
7. Sweden
8. New Zealand
9. Canada
10. Austria

15. UK

17. Germany

19. USA

24. France

(156 countries listed)

Happiest countries in the world 2019 | Atlas & Boots (156 entries): https://www.atlasandboots.com/happiest-countries-in-the-world-ranked

The 3 (Three) major ingredients to HAPPINESS:

1) Loving Relationships, (L♥️VE❣), (LOVE).

2) Self-Actualization (Personal Fulfillment, becoming The BEST You Can Be) by using your special gift/skills either at work (enjoying your job) and/or using these special gifts/skills only you possess in your personal life to help yourself and your Loved Ones, in addition to  EveryoneEverythingEverywhere. (Universal Conectivity. All  HEALTHY  Religions believe in helping their fellow man/woman. This is Basic Human Decency.)

3) Helping OTHERS. Whereas many unhappy people who constantly try to chase happiness for themselves fail, those who learn that HELPING OTHERS brings HAPPINESS to themselves too, succeed in attaining HAPPINESS.

Interestingly the above HAPPINESS research coincides with Near Death Experience (NDE) research:

Please see THREE (3) STRIKES RULE at:

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