HappinessStressandSuccess.com is an inspirational synthesis and resumé of thousands of research studies... books... tapes... videos... seminars... and other Self-Help resources to HELP YOU  Transform  YOUR Life. The Jerry Seinfeld/ Bill Cosby of  Self-Help  has developed a Revolutionary New Concept called  Teaching Models  or  Counselling Tools  which condense all this wisdom into short, concise and precise, easy-to-read and use  flip-chart-like  self-help tools called Counselling Tools  or  Teaching Models.

      Cut through the plethoric barrage of endless fad books on Happiness, Stress, Love, Health and Fitness = Wellness and Success.  No more verbal diarrhea. Get the essential facts without reading encyclopedic volumes of "filler" and rubbish. Today`s problem is no longer a lack of information, but rather TOO MUCH information, especially disinformation due to commercial interests. 

     You don`t  need a Ph.D. to transform your life. You also don`t need the latest gadgets, nor do you need to read every book on the market... this would take you not just one, but SEVERAL lifetimes! None of us will live long enough to read the oceans of fad books and fad magazine articles that are continually being churned out by the mass media. Sadly, they basically all say the same thing in a long, drawn-out, convoluted sort of way. And hence the birth of  Teaching Models or Counselling Tools.

      Inspired by  the simplicity of  Albert  Einstein`s  Conservation  of  Energy Postulate  ( E = mc² ),  a very complex concept expressed in such an easy-to-understand form that even small children can memorize the formula. And so it is with the Teaching Models or Counselling Tools. These short, precise and concise, easy-to-read and understand self-help tools are all you need to cut through the chase. They highlight the essentials you require to reach your goals in Happiness, Stress Management, Love, Health and Fitness = Wellness and LIFE SUCCESS.

      Although we`d love to promise you guaranteed Money-Fame-Power $u¢¢e$$, history has proven that Money-Fame-Power $u¢¢e$$ has more to do with luck: being in the right place at the right time rather than: skill, intelligence, or ability. Many "Geniuses" throughout history died poor and broke. Many "Geniuses" were scoffed at and labelled as heretics, "lunatics", or worse while they were alive. Not until long after they were dead and gone did "Society" realize their contributions to the world and Humanity! This includes Jesus Christ, eleven of his twelve apostles,  and most of the prophets of ALL the other Religions in the World! And this phenomenon is not limited to religion. It has occured in business, the arts, science, academics, politics, music,  and virtually every other area of human endeavour. The bad news is that intelligence, competence, integrity... hard work... and decency are not a guarantee to Money-Fame-Power Success.

      The GOOD NEWS however, is that  HAPPINESS and LIFE SUCCESS are under your control, and they are only approximately 13% dependent upon Money-Fame-Power Success. 

      Post these self-help tools where you can easily see and read them every day, preferably two to three times per day. Repetition is the mother of learning.

YOU become what you feed your mind and think,

and so you shall eventually come to be  and act.

      Lifestyle changes are quite simple with these Teaching Models/ Counselling Tools.  Unfortunately it won`t be easy. Old, well-entrenched habits are hard to change. But with AWE = Attitude, Willingness, Effort, Positive Change is possible. 

      More GOOD NEWS: The Brain (including YOUR Brain) prefers Hard Work to easy money and easy success. Your Self-Esteem, Self-Worth, Self-Image, Self-Respect and Personal LIFE SATISFACTION along with HAPPINESS are directly proportional to the honest effort you expend realizing constructive, productive, useful and worthwhile goals.  Goals that help EVERYONE, EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE... vs excess Self-Gratification or VEAPO Dis-ease = Vulgarly Excessive Arrogant Pompous Oppulence Dis-ease a la: Enron, Conrad Black... and other greedy, corrupt, money-grabbing corporate rip-off artists.  

To order the entire set of Happiness Stress and Success Teaching Models/ Counselling Tools in the USA or Canada, simply send a cheque or money order for $20  (twenty dollars)  in a SASE (Self-Addressed, Stamped Envelope) to: 

Happiness Stress and Success

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(overseas orders please pay in US Funds and add $5 for shipping and handling in place of SASE)


Happiness Stress & Success will also soon be released as a paperback book, but these Teaching Models/ Counselling Tools will be hard to read in paperback format since the print will be too small. Therefore as the perfect accompaniment to Happiness Stress & Success (or any other Self-Help Book for that matter), these  Teaching Models/ Counselling Tools  are essential to  summarize  each  chapter and  subject  into a couple of  easy-to-read  and understand  8 1/2  by 11 inch pages,  synthesizing everything we know on these subjects to date.

      If you have already read three or more books on any of the following topics, don`t buy my book. (YES, I said then don`t buy my book!) All you need is the Teaching Models/ Counselling Tools and to get with the program!

      If you have never read anything on one or more of these topics, or less than three books per topic in your entire life... you need remedial training. Purchase the book for background information, "things yo mama should have taught ya!"  In the meantime, until you "get around to reading the book", study the Teaching Models/ Counselling Tools until they become a part of you. Internalize them and watch the Transformation!




(Insert Happiness comes from within Teaching Model (Blatter, 2003) here)


Healthy Love  can take you FAAARR!

(Insert  Happy Healthy Soulmate Love  can take you FAAARR! Teaching Model (Blatter, 2003) here)



Stress... Stress Management

please go to:  www.HADBAD.com


LIFE SUCCESS Teaching Model

LIFE SUCCESS (=  Living a SUCCESSFUL LIFE) Teaching Model (Blatter, 2004)   (FREE with any purchase, or download FREE from this Website... simply click on the thumbnail icon to expand the image, then print it.)


Success for Losers Teaching Model  (The Ben & Jerry`s Story/ Philosophy)


Think, DO and Grow Rich  Teaching Model (Blatter, 2004)


The "GUUT" Theory of Religion, Science, Psychology and Philosophy (Blatter, 2004)     "GUUT"  =  Great  Unified  Universal  Theory  (FREE with any purchase, or download FREE from this Website. Please go to the end of this page.)




Lady Di: The Rocky Road of a Fairy Tale Princess

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The End...   or more correctly... THE BEGINNING of the  new  and  improved  YOU  and  a better Life!